Allergy Testing and Treatment

Covered by insurance or self-pay option of $300 for testing and $2,500 for treatment.

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Allergy relief made easy

If you struggle with allergies, you know how burdensome they can be in your day-to-day life. At Total Primary Care, we offer allergy testing and preventative treatment plans that target allergies at the source. Each treatment plan is unique to you and reduces your specific allergy symptoms so you can return to feeling your best.

3 simple steps

We make the path to being allergy free easy and convenient with 3 simple steps:

1. Testing,
2. Quarterly medication pickup, and
3. Weekly at-home treatment and therapy.

How it works

To identify which substances are triggering your allergy symptoms, we perform a prick/scratch skin test. This test allows us to target the substances triggering a reaction with immunotherapy – a preventative treatment for allergic reactions. Your unique treatment will include small increasing doses of the substances triggering your symptoms. This causes the immune system to become less sensitive to the substance, reducing symptoms when the substance is encountered in the future. We closely monitor your treatment plan and adjust as necessary to ensure you’re seeing the best results.

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