Bipolar Disorder

Currently 2.8% (5 million) of Americans have been diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is categorized as periods of depression and manic episodes lasting days to months. Our psychiatrists at Total Health Primary Care will walk you through our advanced assessment protocols to determine the best treatment plan for you. Our team will also work with in exploring adjustments in your diet, exercise, and relaxation habits in order to support your recovery.

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Bipolar disorder is a brain malfunction that affects your mood, energy levels, and ability to operate through daily tasks . There are three categories of bipolar disorder:

– Bipolar I: Extreme swings between depressive and manic episodes. Duration of episodes can last days to weeks.

– Bipolar II: Less severe manic episodes with shorter durations but just a treatable as Bipolar I.

– Cyclothymic Disorder: Least severe of the three as it is not as frequent but still involves depressive and manic episodes.

Each bipolar episode type can be identified by specific symptoms.

Depressive episodes usually last for two weeks or longer and cause:

– Intense feelings of sadness, guilt, and hopelessness
– Low energy levels and fatigue
– Changes in sleep patterns
– Changes in appetite
– Lost interest in hobbies
– Poor concentration

Manic episodes can last for a week or more and typically include acute symptoms such as:

– Reduced need for sleep
– More talkative than usual
– Irritability
– Exaggerated confidence
– Taking on too many activities
– Racing thoughts and distractibility
– Risky or self-destructive behaviors

Hypomanic episodes cause symptoms similar to a manic episode, but they’re not as severe. These episodes only last a few days and aren’t as disruptive to your ability to function.

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